Georgia Hunting Land For Sale

Last week I got a call from a customer who asked if I could build a site which would be used to try to sell the property they had for sale in Georgia. This seemed like a odd request considering the that there are plenty of existing sites that are dedicated to selling land. I mentioned this but the client really wanted to have a site so of course I built it. To aid in the SEO for the site we bought the domain name They wanted something done quickly, and inexpensive, so I used a existing WordPress template and had the site up in a couple hours.

About a week later I get a phone call from the client. “Our site isn’t showing up in the search returns”, they said. I had to explain to them that any new site is probably not going to show up on the first page right away. Most sites take weeks or months to show up. Yes, some of the sites I have built have appeared on the first page of a search return within a couple of weeks, for very specific search phrases, but that is not always the case. Do a Google search for “Georgia hunting land for sale” and you’ll see there are over 2,000,000 returns. Most of the top level returns are those big real estate sites I spoke of. Getting this particular site to show up is going to be a challenge at best.

Don’t need any more deadbeat clients

Through the years I have had the displeasure to do work for client who, how can I say this, were not very honest. Like many other artists, I was often asked to do ‘spec’ work. It is a pretty common request, especially when you are just starting to get your business up and running. At some point though you simply have to put a stop to it because, after all, the reason to have a business is to make money. Sure, there are always occasions, say for charity or a friend or a very special client, where a job might be done for free. But now these situations are the rarity rather than the norm. Continue reading Don’t need any more deadbeat clients