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Brochures - This is one of the best ways to deliver your message. Brochures can be designed in a variety of sizes, formats and colors.

Menus - Need a new look or just need to update your menu? Your customers will appreciate a well designed menu.

Advertising - Print ads will never go away. Make the most of every inch you buy. A well designed print ad can reach thousands of potential customers whether in a high volume newspaper like the Charlotte Observer, a high glossy national magazine or your local neighborhood weekly publication.

Logos - Your logo reflects you and your company. Who would have ever thought that a simple swoosh would bring Nike worldwide recognition.

Corporate Image Packages - Envelopes, letterhead, business cards - make sure these items reflect what your company is all about.

Posters - Sometimes you need a larger format to showcase your product. A properly placed poster hanging in your storefront, on a window or above your merchandise can provide that something extra.

Printing - An extensive network of printing contacts means I can get you the best price on your printing. Need a short or long run, single to four color process orders, I know a printer to meet your order.

Web Site Design - The internet is here to stay and it is constantly evolving. Whether you need to showcase your self or your company, the internet can do it on a global scale. Proper optimization will help ensure that your site loads quickly and shows up in the most widely used search engines.

Flash Animations - Macromedia/Adobe Flash has grown in popularity and functionality over the past few years. Simple html just doesn't deliver the same impact as Flash's versatile capabilities. Use Flash to deliver animated site introductions, motion graphics, high impact video, games and more.

Flash Applications - With the evolution of the actionscript programming language and database connectivity Flash has evolved into a robust method for online applications.


I do all of my design work on my Apple computers. Apple computers have been the preferred platform for graphic design since their debut in the '80's. By and far the Apple monitor delivers greater color detail and contrast, resulting in truer color reproduction during printing. I currently utilize a Mac Mini solid state drive, with a 32" monitor. I test all my websites for cross browser issues on a Dell laptop computer with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers.


Adobe CS6 - Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash



Standard Hourly Rate - $65 p/hr
Flash Animation Hourly Rate - $90 p/hr
Flash Programming Hourly Rate - $125 p/hr
Project Rates vary. Contact me for a quote.

** The rates above are based upon those quoted in the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines.